Representatives of IASB meet with representatives of AOSSG and ASBJ in Tokyo

 06 June 2014

Representatives of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) held a series of meetings in Tokyo this week:

Tak Ochi, Member of the IASB, commented:

‘This was a very important series of meetings. Many jurisdictions in the Asia-Oceania region have reported in accordance with IFRS for a number of years; in other jurisdictions, such as Japan, where entities have the option of voluntarily adopting IFRS, we are seeing an increasing number of entities choosing to do so. I am delighted that during this week we have further developed our links with this important region. I would like to also stress the importance of the role our Asia-Oceania office in Tokyo played in making these events happen.  I am sure that the Asia-Oceania office will continue to play an important role in connecting people in this region.’

Clement Chan, Chairman of the AOSSG, said:

‘The Asian-Oceanian region is one of great diversity. Many jurisdictions have already adopted IFRS, while others have made substantial progress towards adopting IFRS. We welcome closer links with the IASB and will continue to contribute to the development of IFRS.’

Yukio Ono, Chairman of the ASBJ, said:

‘We are pleased to continue our activities with the IASB towards the development of high quality global accounting standards and will continue to facilitate interaction with the IASB within Japan and elsewhere within the region.’