Capital Markets Advisory Committee — call for members

 05 September 2016

The Capital Markets Advisory Committee (CMAC) is an independent advisory group that provides advice to the International Accounting Standards Board (the Board).

The Board develops IFRS Standards, which are required for use by companies in more than 100 countries, including two-thirds of the G20.

The CMAC meets with Board representatives three times a year. Its membership comprises investors, financial analysts and other users of financial statements. The CMAC is currently seeking applications for membership for terms commencing 1 January 2017.

Please indicate your interest by sending a cover letter and brief curriculum vitae by 14 October 2016 to:

More about the CMAC

The CMAC consists of members with extensive practical experience in analysing financial information. Members are drawn from a variety of industry sectors and geographical regions. They are selected by the CMAC on the merits of their professional competence, either as investors or as analysts, using financial reporting information within the context of equity and/or fixed-income investments, and on their ability to represent capital market participants' views. They do not necessarily have to be experts in accounting matters.

Members are asked to provide their input on emerging issues for the Board to consider and on proposed accounting changes or new accounting requirements that the Board is developing. They are also asked to offer advice to the Board on the practical implications of such proposals for users of financial statements. An additional role is helping the Board contact other users of financial statements in order to facilitate additional outreach on Board projects. Members do not represent the views and interests of their affiliations, unless otherwise indicated. Expenses incurred in fulfilling their membership are borne by the individual member.

All CMAC meetings are held in public and recorded. The recordings are available on the Board's website. Please click on the links below for more information about current members, past meetings, and CMAC's charter.

Please click on the links below for more information concerning the CMAC: