IFRS Foundation launches eIFRS Professional

 15 October 2014

The IFRS Foundation today completed a major programme of reforms to its suite of online IFRS resources with the launch of a new flagship product, known as eIFRS Professional.

eIFRS Professional has been developed from the ground up to provide IFRS professionals with immediate online access to authoritative, annotated versions of IFRS and supporting materials.  Subscribers to the eIFRS Professional service benefit from:

To find out more about eIFRS, or to watch a video walkthrough of the new
functionality of eIFRS Professional, please visit the eIFRS homepage.

In addition to the launch of eIFRS Professional, the IFRS Foundation is also making available new versions of the other components of its eIFRS suite of online resources. eIFRS Basic provides users with limited access to the basic IFRS Standards, while eIFRS Comprehensive includes a subscription to eIFRS Professional as well as offline, print editions of the Standards and other materials. Existing subscribers to eIFRS will automatically be upgraded to eIFRS Professional.

Commenting on the launch, Yael Almog, Executive Director of the IFRS Foundation said:

eIFRS Professional represents a step change in the online resources available to accounting professionals, whether they are preparers, auditors, academics, students or others. eIFRS is today the authoritative IFRS online product on the market with unique features, raising the bar for ease of use when accessing online IFRS content. We are proud and happy to introduce a product which we developed after extensive customer feedback.



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