The International Accounting Standards Board invites nominations for membership of a consultative group on Rate-regulated Activities

 30 January 2013

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is seeking nominations for a consultative group that is being established to help on its recently reactivated project on accounting for Rate-regulated Activities.

The group will consist of senior financial executives who are participants in the financial reporting process of entities subject to rate regulation, as well as members of the IASB.  The aim of the group will be to provide specialist analysis of accounting issues within this field of interest. 

The IASB is seeking to include participants from a variety of preparer, user and other relevant backgrounds to incorporate different geographic areas and rate-regulated industries.

The IASB will also invite rate regulators and securities regulators to participate as observers.


In response to the 2011 Agenda Consultation, the IASB agreed to start a research project for Rate-regulated Activities.  The IASB had previously undertaken a Rate-regulated Activities project in 2008–2010.  This was not completed due to other priorities and the divergent views and feedback received, which raised complex and fundamental issues at a conceptual level.

The objective of the Rate-regulated Activities project is to develop a Discussion Paper to consider whether rate regulation creates assets or liabilities in addition to those already recognised in accordance with IFRS for non-rate-regulated activities.  If so, the project will also consider how such assets and liabilities should be accounted for and whether (or how) Standards should consequently be amended.

Candidates for membership

The IASB anticipates that the consultative group will have between 12 and 20 members.  Candidates for membership are expected to have a good knowledge of and experience in financial reporting and relevant practical experience in areas within the remit, ie close involvement in financial or rate-regulatory activity reporting at a senior level.  Members should also be willing to set aside their existing practices in favour of a common standard of the best financial reporting.  The IASB is seeking candidates from all geographical areas and from a range of backgrounds.  Candidates should explain how they meet these requirements.

The IASB expects to receive more nominations than it has places for, and, therefore, it cannot unfortunately guarantee that every nominee will be invited to join the group. 

Administrative matters

In line with the IFRS Foundation´s usual policy, members of the consultative group will serve on a voluntary, unpaid basis.  Travel costs and other expenses will not be reimbursed.

Meetings will be held by telephone conference to the largest degree possible, but at least three or four meetings in person are expected to be necessary, for which the IASB will aim to provide facilities to allow participation by video link or telephone.  We anticipate that this would be a consultative group with a limited lifespan (up to 3 years).


The deadline for nominations and applications is 4 March 2013.  If you wish to nominate or send an application, please email your resume and a brief description of how you meet the criteria to Katherine Maybin, email

For more information, potential candidates should contact Alan Teixeira, Senior Director of Technical Activities, or Michael Stewart, Director of Implementation Activities,