Financial Services Industry — 2011 Accounting and Financial Reporting Update


In the wake of the financial crisis, the financial services industry has operated in a much more challenging business environment. This year, the industry has continued to confront difficult domestic and international economic issues and to face overall public scrutiny and dissatisfaction. In response, regulators and standard setters have established new accounting and reporting rules for financial service companies, many of which have or will become effective in the near future.


To help guide you through these changes, Deloitte is pleased to announce the financial services industry’s Accounting and Financial Reporting Update (December 2011).


This annual update has traditionally covered matters related to all four industry sectors in one publication. This year, the update is being issued for the first time as four sector-specific publications that highlight the specialized accounting and reporting considerations applicable to companies in each.


The following are links to the publications for each of the other financial services sectors:

Asset Management

Banking & Securities


Real Estate


We hope you find this more condensed and focused publication a useful resource as you begin to prepare your annual reports and plan for the upcoming year.