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Need to know - May 2020 (IASB publishes package of narrow-scope amendments to IFRS Standards)Need to know - May 2020 (IASB proposes to defer effective date for 'Classification of Liabilities as Current and Non-current')Need to know - April 2020 (Accounting Considerations Related to Coronavirus 2019 Disease) **Updated 05 May 2020**Need to know - April 2020 (IASB proposes to amend IFRS 16 'Leases' regarding COVID-19-related rent concessions)Need to know - April 2020 (IASB proposes Interest Rate Benchmark Reform—Phase 2 Proposed amendments to IFRS 9, IAS 39, IFRS 7, IFRS 4 and IFRS 16)Need to know - April 2020 (Expected Credit Loss Accounting Considerations Related to Coronavirus 2019 Disease)Need to know - March 2020 (IASB publishes Discussions Paper on 'Business Combinations — Disclosures, Goodwill and Impairment')Need to know - January 2020 (IASB proposes new Standard titled 'General Presentation and Disclosures')Need to know - September 2019 (IASB issues Interest Rate Benchmark Reform amendments to IFRS 9, IAS 39 and IFRS 7)Need to know - July 2019 (IASB proposes amendments to IAS 12 Income Taxes)Need to know - June 2019 (IASB proposes to update references to Conceptual Framework in IFRS 3)Need to know - May 2019 (Interest Rate Benchmark Reform amendments to IFRS 9 and IAS 39)Need to know - May 2019 (IASB publishes proposals for amendments under its Annual Improvements Process)Need to know - March 2019 (Accounting, auditing and corporate governance – legal and regulatory changes arising from a “No Deal” Brexit)Need to know - March 2019 (FRCs Guidance Strategic Report)Need to know - February 2019 (FRC proposes amendments to FRS 101 and FRS 102)Need to know - December 2018 (Equalisation of guaranteed minimum pensions)Need to know - December 2018 (Government enacts new energy and carbon reporting requirement for all large companies and LLPs)Need to know - December 2018 (IASB proposes to clarify onerous contracts requirements)Need to know - November 2018 (IASB amends the definition of material)Need to know - October 2018 (IASB amends the definition of a business in IFRS 3)Need to know - October 2018 (Inflation in Argentina)Need to know - August 2018 (IASB publishes Discussion Paper on Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity)Need to know - July 2018 (Reporting on periods ending 30 June 2018 - Inflation in Argentina)Need to know - June 2018 (Disclosing the adoption of new accounting standard in interim financial statements)Need to know - June 2018 (Government publishes new company reporting requirements for private and public companies in response to its consulation on Corporate Governance Reform)Need to know - May 2018 (IAS issues a revised Conceptual Framework)Need to Know - March 2018 (Plan Amendment, Curtailment or Settlement, amendments to IAS 19)Need to Know - March 2018 (IASB publishes 'Annual Improvements to IFRS Standards 2015-2017 cycle')Need to Know - March 2018 (IASB proposes more changes to IAS 8 Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors)Need to Know - February 2018 (Transition Resource group discusses implementation of IFRS 17 'Insurance Contracts')Need to Know - January 2018 (Accounting for the effects of US tax reform legislation)Need to Know - January 2018 (FRC publishes Triennial review 2017 Incremental improvements and clarifications)Need to Know - October 2017 (IASB issues Long-term Interests in Associates and Joint Ventures (Amendments to IAS 28))Need to Know - October 2017 (IASB issues 'Prepayment Features with Negative Compensation (Amendments to IFRS 9'))Need to Know - September 2017 (IASB proposes to amend the definition of material in IAS 1 and IAS 8)Need to know - September 2017 (IASB proposes to amend the definitions of accounting policies and accounting estimates in IAS 8)Need to Know - September 2017 (IASB publishes a practice statement Making Materiality Judgements)Need to Know - August 2017 (FRC publishes consultation on amendments to its Guidance on Strategic Report)Need to Know - July 2017 (EC adopts guidelines on the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive)Need to Know - July 2017 (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures issues its final report)Need to Know - June 2017 (IASB issues IFRIC 23 'Uncertainty over income tax treatments')Need to Know - June 2017 (ICAEW and ICAS publish updated guidance on distributable profits under the companies act 2006)Need to Know - June 2017 (IASB proposes to amend IAS 16 accounting for proceeds from sale of property plant and equipment)Need to Know - May 2017 (IASB issues IFRS17 - Insurance contracts)Need to Know - May 2017 (IASB issues request for information as part of its post-implementation review of IFRS 13)Need to Know - April 2017 (FRC issue FRED 67 Draft amendments to FRS 102 - Triennial review incremental improvements and clarifications)Need to Know - April 2017 (IASB proposes improvements to IFRS 8)Need to Know - April 2017 (Financial reporting effects of the UK Apprenticeship Levy)Need to Know - April 2017 (IASB proposes to amend IFRS 9 in relation to prepayment features with negative compensation)Need to Know - April 2017 (IASB publishes a discussion paper on Principles of Disclosures)Need to Know - April 2017 (Spotlight on key judgements and estimates disclosures)Need to Know - March 2017 (UK exit from the European Union)Need to Know - February 2017 (Non financial reporting regulations)Need to Know - January 2017 (IASB issues exposure draft - Annual improvements to IFRSs 2015-2017 cycle)