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Volume A - A guide to IFRS reporting

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How to use iGAAPGlossary of terms and abbreviationsPrincipal authors and contributorsIntroduction to Volume ARecent Changes to Deloitte Guidance in Volume AA1 International Financial Reporting Standards FoundationA2 Conceptual framework for financial reportingA3 First-time adoption of IFRS Accounting StandardsA4 Presentation of financial statementsA4A Climate change A5 Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errorsA6 Fair value measurementA7 Property, plant and equipmentA8 Investment propertyA9 Intangible assetsA10 Impairment of assetsA11 InventoriesA12 Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assetsA13 Income taxesA14 Revenue from contracts with customersA15 Employee benefitsA16 Share-based paymentA17 LeasesA18 Borrowing costsA19 The effects of changes in foreign exchange ratesA20 Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operationsA21 Statement of cash flowsA22 Events after the reporting periodA23 Related party disclosuresA24 Consolidated financial statementsA25 Business combinationsA26 Investments in associates and joint venturesA27 Joint arrangementsA28 Disclosure of interests in other entitiesA29 Separate financial statementsA30 Operating segmentsA31 Earnings per shareA32 Interim financial reportingA33 Management commentary (moved to E2)A34 Integrated reporting (moved to E3)A35 Service concession arrangementsA36 Government grantsA37 Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economiesA38 AgricultureA39 Insurance contractsA40 Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resourcesA41 Accounting and reporting by retirement benefit plansA42 Regulatory deferral accountsAppendix A1 IFRS for SMEs Accounting Standard