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Realigning Technical Resources to Future Priorities (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — December 13, 2013)Joanna Perry Appointed as Chairman of the IFRS Advisory Council — December 13, 2013IASB Concludes 2010–2012 & 2011–2013 Annual Improvements Cycles — December 12, 2013IASB Appoints Hugh Shields as Executive Technical Director — December 12, 2013IASB Publishes Proposals for Amendments Under Its Annual Improvements Project (Annual Improvements Cycle 2012-2014) — December 11, 2013Opening Remarks, AICPA 2013 Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Developments: Washington, DC (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — December 10, 2013)Latest Update to Study Confirms Substantial Progress Towards Global Adoption of IFRS — December 9, 2013Why the Financial Industry Is Different: The Relevance of Current Measurement for the Financial Industry (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — December 3, 2013)IFRS Foundation Issues Comments on the Maystadt Report — December 5, 2013IASB Publishes Proposals for Narrow-Scope Amendments to IAS 27 Separate Financial Statements — December 2, 2013Maria Helena Santana and Lynn Wood Appointed as Trustees of the IFRS Foundation — November 26, 2013Trustees Appoint New Advisory Council Members — November 25, 2013Project Summary: IFRS 9 Financial Instruments (Hedge Accounting and Amendments to IFRS 9, IFRS 7 and IAS 39)IASB Publishes Narrow-Scope Amendments to IAS 19 Employee Benefits — November 21, 2013IASB Completes Important Steps in Reform of Financial Instruments Accounting — November 19, 2013À la Carte Accounting Will Not Deliver Globally Consistent Standards (Michel Prada, Chairman of IFRS Foundation Trustees — November 12, 2013)IASB Saddened by the Death of Tony Cope — November 11, 2013Monitoring Board Completes Revisions to its Charter and the Memorandum of Understanding With the IFRS Foundation — October 31, 2013The Bumpy Path Towards Global Accounting Standards (Michel Prada, Chairman of the IFRS Foundation Trustees — October 16, 2013)IASB Announces New Staff Group to Focus on Disclosure Initiative — October 10, 2013Increased Support for Those Teaching IFRS — October 7, 2013Leases — Summary of Outreach Meetings With Investors and Analysts on Proposed Accounting by Lessees — May–September 2013Conceptual Framework Round-Tables Agenda Papers Now Available — September 25, 2013A Guide Through IFRS 2013 (Green Book) — Now Available — September 24, 2013Hans Hoogervorst: Strengthening Institutional Relationships (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — September 23, 2013)IOSCO and IFRS Foundation Agree Joint Protocols to Enhance Consistency in the Implementation of IFRS Globally — September 18, 2013Joint ICAEW and IFRS Foundation Financial Institutions IFRS Conference — September 11, 2013IFRS Foundation Announces Web App for Mobile Access to IFRS Content — September 10, 2013Europe and the Path Towards Global Accounting Standards (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — September 9, 2013)Exposure Draft Interim Release Package on the IFRS Taxonomy 2013 Published for Public Comment — September 9, 2013Live Web Presentations on Conceptual Framework Project — August 28, 2013Conceptual Framework Outreach Events — August 13, 2013Sir David Tweedie Inducted Into Accounting Hall of Fame — August 13, 2013FASB and IASB to Form Joint Transition Resource Group for Revenue Recognition — July 26, 2013 IASB Begins the Post-Implementation Review of Business Combinations Standard — July 25, 2013IASB Publishes a Discussion Paper on the Conceptual Framework — July 18, 2013IASB Completes Post-Implementation Review of IFRS 8 Operating Segments — July 18, 2013Trustees of the IFRS Foundation Seek Applications for the Role of Chair of the IFRS Advisory Council and for IFRS Advisory Council Members — July 16, 2013Live Web Presentation on Insurance Contracts — July 9, 2013Joji Okada Appointed as Trustee of the IFRS Foundation; Duck-Koo Chung, Dick Sluimers and Antonio Zoido to Serve Second Terms — July 4, 2013Submission to EU Consultation on Long-Term Financing — July 5, 2013FASB and IASB to Hold Joint Roundtable Meetings on Revised Leases Proposals — July 1, 2013Trustees Appoint Wang Haoyu to IFRS Advisory Council — June 28, 2013'Breaking the Boilerplate' (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — June 27, 2013)IASB Publishes Guide for Micro-Sized Entities Applying the IFRS for SMEs (2009 Edition) — June 27, 2013IASB Provided Relief for Novation of Derivatives — June 27, 2013IASB Issues Proposals on Bearer Plants — June 26, 2013IASB Publishes Revised Proposals for the Accounting for Insurance Contracts — June 20, 2013'Are We There Yet?' (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — June 5, 2013)XBRL Industry Practice Project 2013 — Call for Participants — June 10, 2013IFRS Foundation Charts Progress Towards Global Adoption of IFRS — June 5, 2013IASB Issues Narrow-scope Amendments to IAS 36 Impairment of Assets — May 29, 2013IASB Publishes Feedback Statement on Disclosure Forum, Calls for Behavioural Change Regarding Financial Information Disclosure — May 28, 2013Sue Lloyd Appointed to the IASB — May 23, 2013IFRS Foundation Seeks Tenders for External Audit — May 23, 2013The IFRS Foundation Publishes Formula Linkbase 2013 — May 22, 2013IASB Issues IFRIC Interpretation 21: Levies — May 20, 2013Monitoring Board Invites Nominations for its Membership — May 20, 2013IASB and FASB Propose Changes to Lease Accounting — May 16, 2013Constructive Cooperation for International Standards — May 16, 2013Representatives of the IASB and ASBJ Meet in Tokyo, Confirm Future Relationship — May 10, 2013 IFRS Interpretations Committee 2013 Appointments — May 9, 2013IASB Survey on Classification and Measurement of Financial Assets — May 8, 2013Monitoring Board Announces Procedure and Timetable for Review of Existing Members and Selection of New Ones — May 2, 2013IASB Announces Membership of Consultative Group for Rate Regulation — April 29, 2013IASB Issues Proposals on Rate Regulation — April 25, 2013IASB Welcomes Appointment of Russ Golden as Chairman of FASB — April 24, 2013 Speech by Hans Hoogervorst: ‘Buy-and-Hold Should Not Mean Buy-and-Hope’ — April 9, 2013IASB Issues Request for Information on Rate Regulation — March 28, 2013The IFRS Foundation Publishes the 2013 Annual Version of the IFRS Taxonomy — March 27, 2013IASB Publishes Proposals for Amendments to IAS 19 Defined Benefit Plans: Employee Contributions — March 25, 2013First Trustee From Middle Eastern Region Appointed to the IFRS Foundation — March 21, 2013Trustees Announce Membership of ASAF — March 19, 2013"IFRS and Indonesian Accounting Standards 2013 and Beyond" (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — March 6, 2013)2013 IFRS (Red Book) — Now Available — March 12, 2013IASB Publishes Revised Proposals for Loan-Loss Provisioning — March 7, 2013Monitoring Board Finalizes Assessment Approach for Membership Criteria and Announces Chair Selection — March 1, 2013IASB Publishes Proposals for Amendments to IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement Novation of Derivatives and Continuation of Hedge Accounting — February 28, 2013Gary Kabureck Appointed to the IASB — February 21, 2013IFRS Foundation Trustees Publish Revised Version of the IFRS Foundation Constitution — February 19, 2013Trustees Publish Revised Version of the IFRS Foundation Due Process Handbook — February 18, 2013Trustees Appoint New Advisory Council Members — February 15, 2013IFRS Foundation Seeks Candidates to Fill Trustees Vacancies — February 7, 2013IASB and IIRC Formalise Cooperation on Work to Develop Integrated Corporate Reporting Framework — February 7, 2013IFRS Foundation Invites Nominations for Membership of the Accounting Standards Advisory Forum and Publishes Feedback Statement Following Public Consultation on Creation of the ASAF — February 1, 2013The International Accounting Standards Board Invites Nominations for Membership of a Consultative Group on Rate-regulated Activities — January 30, 2013Trustees Appoint Darrel Scott as Chairman of the SMEIG — January 29, 2013Joint Effort Needed to Tackle Disclosure Problem — January 23, 2013The Search for Consistency in Financial Reporting (Hans Hoogervorst, IASB Chairman — January 17, 2013)