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Companies Act 2006

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Companies Act 2006 Part 1 General Introductory Provisions Part 2 Company Formation Part 3 A Company's Constitution Part 4 A Company's Capacity and Related Matters Part 5 A Company's Name Part 6 A Company's Registered Office [and Email Address] Part 7 Re-Registration as a Means of Altering a Company's Status Part 8 A Company's Members Part 9 Exercise of Members' Rights Part 10 A Company's Directors Part 11 Derivative Claims and Proceedings by Members Part 12 Company Secretaries Part 13 Resolutions and Meetings Part 14 Control of Political Donations and Expenditure Part 15 Accounts and Reports Part 16 Audit Part 17 A Company's Share Capital Part 18 Acquisition by Limited Company of its Own Shares Part 19 Debentures Part 20 Private and Public Companies Part 21 Certification and Transfer of Securities [Part 21A Information About People with Significant Control] Part 22 Information About Interests in a Company's Shares Part 23 Distributions [Part 24 Annual confirmation of accuracy of information on register] Part 25 Company Charges Part 26 [Arrangements and Reconstructions: General] [Part 26A Arrangements and Reconstructions: Companies in Financial Difficulty] Part 27 Mergers and Divisions of Public Companies Part 28 Takeovers etc Part 29 Fraudulent Trading Part 30 Protection of Members Against Unfair Prejudice Part 31 Dissolution and Restoration to the Register Part 32 Company Investigations: Amendments Part 33 UK Companies Not Formed Under Companies Legislation Part 34 Overseas Companies Part 35 The Registrar of Companies Part 36 Offences Under the Companies Acts [and Financial Penalties] Part 37 Companies: Supplementary Provisions Part 38 Companies: Interpretation Part 39 Companies: Minor Amendments Part 40 Company Directors: Foreign Disqualification etc Part 41 Business Names Part 42 Statutory Auditors Part 43 Transparency Obligations and Related Matters Part 44 Miscellaneous Provisions Part 45 Northern Ireland Part 46 General Supplementary Provisions Part 47 Final Provisions SCHEDULE 1 Connected Persons: References to an Interest in Shares or Debentures [SCHEDULE 1A References to People with Significant Control Over a Company] [SCHEDULE 1B Enforcement of Disclosure Requirements] [SCHEDULE 1C Rules of the Takeover Panel: General Principles and other Provision] [SCHEDULE 2 Specified Persons, Descriptions of Disclosures etc for the Purposes of Section 948] SCHEDULE 3 Amendments of Remaining Provisions of the Companies Act 1985 Relating to Offences SCHEDULE 4 Documents and Information Sent or Supplied to a Company SCHEDULE 5 Communications by a Company SCHEDULE 6 Meaning of "Subsidiary" etc: Supplementary Provisions SCHEDULE 7 Parent and Subsidiary Undertakings: Supplementary Provisions SCHEDULE 8 Index of Defined Expressions SCHEDULE 9 . . . SCHEDULE 10 Recognised Supervisory Bodies SCHEDULE 11 Recognised Professional Qualifications [SCHEDULE 11A Specified Persons, Descriptions, Disclosures etc for the Purposes of Section 1224A] SCHEDULE 12 Arrangements in which Registered Third Country Auditors are Required to Participate SCHEDULE 13 Supplementary Provisions with Respect to Delegation Order SCHEDULE 14 Statutory Auditors: Consequential Amendments SCHEDULE 15 Transparency Obligations and Related Matters: Minor and Consequential Amendments SCHEDULE 16 Repeals