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IASB Postpones Accounting Changes for Associates and Joint Ventures Until Completion of Broader Review — December 17, 2015IFRS: 2015 and Beyond (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — December 10, 2015)IASB Proposes Amendments to the Current Insurance Contracts Standard to Provide Temporary Reliefs for Insurers — December 9, 2015Insurance Contracts: Exposure Draft & Comment Letters — December 9, 2015IFRS Taxonomy 2015 Updated for Common Practice — December 8, 2015IASB Publishes 2015 IFRS for SMEs Bound Volume — December 1, 2015Webcast With the CFA Institute on the IASB’s 2015 Agenda Consultation — November 24, 2015China to Explore Further Use of IFRS — November 24, 2015Saudi Arabia to Require Use of IFRS Standards in 2017 and IFRS for SMEs in 2018 — November 13, 2015India's New Accounting Standards Substantially Converged With IFRS Standards — November 13, 2015Joint ICAS Event: Help Shape the Future of Financial Reporting — November 6, 2015IASB Invites Comments on Proposed Amendment to IAS 40 and Proposed Annual Improvements — November 19, 2015IFRS Foundation Trustees Propose to Give the IASB Greater Involvement in IFRS Taxonomy Development — November 4, 2015IFRS Foundation Trustees Announce Appointments to the IFRS Advisory Council From 2016 — October 30, 2015Norway Proposes to Adopt the IFRS for SMEs — October 30, 2015Financial Reporting in the Global Economy: Facilitating Better Business and Investor Decision-Making (Lynn Wood, Trustee, IFRS Foundation — October 29, 2015) IASB Publishes Draft Guidance to Help Management Apply the Concept of Materiality — October 28, 2015The IFRS Interpretations Committee Proposes Two New Interpretations — October 21, 2015Four New Organisations Join the IASB's Investors in Financial Reporting Programme — October 22, 2015Investor Perspectives: ‘Back to the Future’ (Pat Finnegan, IASB Member — October 16, 2015)Joint Investor Outreach Event: Milan — 22 October 2015 — September 30, 2015IASB Survey — Investor and Analyst Views Needed on the IASB’s Work Plan — October 9, 2015Roles and Responsibilities in Accounting Standard-Setting (Michel Prada, Chairman of the Trustees — September 29, 2015)Investor Perspective: Taking a Measured Approach (Steve Cooper, IASB Member — September 29, 2015)Working in the Public Interest (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — September 28, 2015)IASB to Consult on Temporary Measures Relating to the Effective Dates for IFRS 9 and the New Insurance Contracts Standard — September 23, 2015A Guide Through IFRS 2015 (Green Book) — Now Available — September 22, 2015Impairment Requirement Will Result in Fundamental Change (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — September 15, 2015)Working in the Public Interest: The IFRS Foundation and the IASBNew Publication: The Public at Large Benefits From Strong Accounting Standards — September 14, 2015IASB Confirms Deferral of Effective Date by Issuing Formal Amendment to the Revenue Standard — September 11, 2015Introductory Remarks: The Success Criteria of Global Standards (Michel Prada, IFRS Foundation Trustee — September 9, 2015)The Global Reach of IFRS Is Expanding — September 2, 2015Event Reminder: The Research Forum in Hong Kong on 11 October 2015 — August 20, 2015IASB Begins Agenda Consultation — August 11, 2015IASB Proposes to Postpone Accounting Changes For Associates and Joint Ventures Until Completion of Broader Review — August 10, 2015Proposed Taxonomy Update 2 to the IFRS Taxonomy 2015 Published for Public Comment — August 4, 2015IASB Proposes Clarifications to Revenue Standard — July 30, 2015IASB Confirms One-Year Deferral of Effective Date of Revenue Standard — July 22, 2015Trustees Seek Public Input to Review of the Structure and Effectiveness of the IFRS Foundation — July 7, 2015Historical Cost and Fair Value Are Not as Far Apart as They May Seem (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — June 29, 2015)IFRS Foundation Trustees Announce New Composition of ASAF — June 24, 2015IASB Proposes Narrow-Scope Amendments for Pension Accounting — June 18, 2015IFRS Foundation Publishes Free Teaching Material on Accounting for Liabilities — June 17, 2015IASB Completes Post-implementation Review of Business Combinations Standard — June 17, 2015 Investor Perspectives: A Tale of ‘Prudence’ — June 2015 IFRS Foundation Develops Electronic Filing Guide for Regulators — June 3, 2015Statement on the Passing Away of Harry Schmid, Member of the IASB (2001-2004) — June 1, 2015Sheila Fraser Appointed as New Vice-Chair of the IFRS Foundation Trustees — May 29, 2015IASB Calls for Feedback on Proposed Enhancements to the Conceptual Underpinning of Financial Reporting — May 28, 2015Could Profit or Loss Become More Useful? And What Is the Role of Other Comprehensive Income? — May 26, 2015IASB Completes Comprehensive Review of the IFRS for SMEs — May 21, 2015Update on Disclosure Initiative — May 20, 2015IASB Calls for Feedback on Proposal to Defer the Effective Date of the Revenue Standard — May 19, 2015Summary of the IFRS Taxonomy Consultative Group Discussions — April 2015 MeetingIFRS Foundation Announces New Appointments to the IFRS Interpretations Committee — May 12, 2015IFRS Foundation Annual Report 2014 — Financial Reporting Standards for the World EconomyIASB Votes to Defer the Effective Date of the New Revenue Standard — April 28, 2015‘Financial Reporting and Financial Markets: New Trends’ Conference, Madrid, Spain (Philippe Danjou, IASB Member — April 22, 2015)The IFRS Foundation Publishes Formula Linkbase 2015 — April 20, 2015Financial Reporting Standards for the World Economy (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — April 15, 2015)Mind the Gap (Between non-GAAP and GAAP) (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — March 31, 2015)Q&A With Dick Sluimers, CEO of APG Group and Trustee of the IFRS Foundation — March 17, 2015Investor Perspectives: Helping Investors Better Understand Cash Flow (Nick Anderson, Gunnar Miller and Tanya Branwhite, Investors — March 23, 2015)Summary of the Model for Insurance Contracts Without Participation Features — March 16, 2015IASB Sets Out Practical Effects of Bringing Leases Onto the Balance Sheet — March 16, 2015Bad Accounting Breeds Bad Policies (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — March 12, 2015)The IFRS Foundation Publishes the IFRS Taxonomy 2015 — March 11, 2015)Investor Perspectives: Insurance Contracts Accounting: Are We There Yet? (Steve Cooper, Board Member — February 26, 2015)IASB Publishes Leases Project Update — February 24, 2015IFRS Foundation Appoints New Vice-Chairs to Advisory Council — February 23, 2015Darrel Scott Reappointed as IASB Member — February 17, 2015IASB Publishes Proposals to Clarify the Way in Which Liabilities Are Classified — February 10, 2015'Ind AS: A Big Step Forward' (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — February 5, 2015)Switzerland and IFRS (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — February 2, 2015)Kurt Schacht Appointed as IFRS Foundation Trustee — January 20, 2015Vacancy: Members, IFRS Interpretations Committee — January 13, 2015