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IASC Foundation Announces Two Successors for Retiring Trustees — December 8, 2009Trustees Seek Nominations for Chairman of the IASB From 2011 — December 7, 2009IASB Completes First Phase of Financial Instruments Accounting Reform — November 5, 2009Joint Statement of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation and the Financial Accounting Foundation — November 5, 2009Summary of IASC Foundation Trustees Meeting — October 2009 — November 2, 2009IASB Amends the Accounting for Rights Issues — October 8, 2009Prepared Statement of Sir David Tweedie, Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, to Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, European Parliament — September 28, 2009IASC Foundation Publishes Proposed IFRS for SMEs Taxonomy — September 28, 2009Trustee Letter to G20 Participants — September 15, 2009IASB Publishes Proposals for Amendments Under Its Annual Improvements Project — August 26, 2009IFRIC Proposes Guidance on Settling Financial Liabilities With Equity Instruments — August 6, 2009IASB Publishes Proposals on the Classification of Rights Issues — August 6, 2009Advance Notice of Two Exposure Drafts — August 5, 2009Financial Crisis Advisory Group Publishes Wide-ranging Review of Standard-setting Activities Following the Global Financial Crisis — July 28, 2009Recording of Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the Exposure Draft Financial Instruments: Classification and Measurement — July 24, 2009IASB publishes IFRS for SMEs — July 9, 2009IFRS for SMEs Fact Sheet — July 9, 2009Prepared Statement of Sir David Tweedie, Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, to the 2948th meeting of the Council of the European Union (Economic and Financial Affairs) — June 9, 2009Two Leading US Analysts Appointed to the IASB — May 21, 2009Laurence Rivat Appointed to the IFRIC — May 5, 2009IASB Sets Out Timetable for IAS 39 Replacement and Its Conclusions on FASB FSPs — April 24, 2009Round-table Discussions as Part of Comprehensive Review of Off Balance Sheet ActivitiesIASB Responds to G20 Recommendations, US GAAP Guidance — April 7, 2009Proposed FASB Amendments on Fair Value Measurement and Proposed FASB Amendments to Impairment Requirements for Certain Investments in Debt and Equity SecuritiesIASC Foundation Publishes IFRS Taxonomy 2009 for Public Comment — January 12, 2009