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IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board Working Group Meets to Discuss Governance Review — December 21, 2010'IFRS at a Critical Crossroad' (Harvey Goldschmid, IFRS Foundation Trustee — December 13, 2010)Progress Report on Commitment to Convergence of Accounting Standards and a Single Set of High Quality Global Accounting Standards — 29 November 2010 Completing Our Work to Reform Financial Instruments AccountingIASB and EFRAG Meet to Discuss Work Plan — November 15, 2010Trustees Seek Public Comment on the Future Strategy of the IFRS Foundation — November 5, 2010IFRS Foundation Trustees’ Due Process Oversight Committee to Carry Out a Review of the Interpretations Committee — October 25, 2010IASB and FASB Consult on Effective Dates for Accounting Standards — October 19, 2010Trustees Appoint Hans Hoogervorst to Succeed Sir David Tweedie — October 12, 2010Duck-Koo Chung to Serve as Trustee of the IFRS Foundation — October 12, 2010IASB and U.S. FASB Complete First Stage of Conceptual Framework — September 28, 2010Public Roundtables on Revenue Recognition, Insurance Contracts and Leases AnnouncedIASB Proposes to Amend One Aspect of Accounting for Deferred Tax — September 10, 2010IFRS Foundation Seeks Views on Criteria for Annual Improvements Process — August 31, 2010IASB Proposes Amendments to IFRS 1 — August 26, 2010IFRS Interpretations Committee Publishes Proposed Guidance on Surface Mining — August 26, 2010IASB and U.S. FASB Publish Proposals to Improve the Financial Reporting of Leases — August 17, 2010Interview With Trustee Chairman Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa — August 10, 2010Conclusions of the July 2010 meeting of the IFRS Foundation TrusteesIFRS Foundation Appoints Members of the SME Implementation Group — August 5, 2010IASB Proposes Improvements to Insurance Accounting — July 30, 2010IASC Foundation to Become IFRS Foundation on 1 July 2010 — June 30, 2010IASB Proposes Improvements to Disclosure Requirements for Level 3 Fair Value Measurements — June 29, 2010Joint Letter from the FASB and IASB to the G20 Leaders — June 24, 2010 Progress Report on Commitment to Convergence of Accounting Standards and a Single Set of High Quality Global Accounting Standards — June 24, 2010Trustees Invite Applications for Membership of IFRS XBRL Advisory Committees — June 18, 2010Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa to Return as Chairman of the Trustees Following the July Trustees' Meeting IFRS Interpretations Committee Podcasts for Download — June 4, 2010Joint Statement by the IASB and the FASB on Their Convergence WorkJoint FASB and IASB Letter to G-20 IASB Proposes Improvements to the Presentation of Items of Other Comprehensive Income — May 27, 2010IASB Addresses 'Counter-Intuitive' Effects of Fair Value Measurement of Financial Liabilities — May 11, 2010IFRS Interpretations Committee Appointments — May 4, 2010IASB Proposes Improvements to Defined Benefit Pensions AccountingCall for Interest to Public Companies Listed in the US Who Currently File Financial Reports With the US SEC in IFRSPaul Pacter Appointed to the IASB — April 15, 2010IASB and FASB Quarterly Report Shows Continued Progress Towards Convergence Goal — April 14, 2010Nominations Sought for Membership of the IFRS for SMEs Implementation Group Prepared Statement of Sir David Tweedie, Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, to the Meeting of the Council of the European Union (Economic and Financial Affairs) — March 16, 2010Trustees Announce Further Governance EnhancementsTrustees Appoint Two Leading Financial Executives to the IASB — February 4, 2010IASB Issues Limited Exemption Amendment to IFRS 1 — January 28, 2010