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From Controlling to Coaching: How Will You Lead in an Age of Turbulence? (April 2021)Supply Chain Risks: How to Identify and Mitigate Your Weakest Links (March 2021)From Endless Winter to New Dawn: What Might a Post-COVID-19 Economy Look Like? (February 2021)Believe It: Why Trust May Be the New Driver of Enterprise Value (February 2021)Digital RMB: Assessing the Benefits — and Challenges — of China’s New Currency (January 2021)Mastering Data for Better Insights — And Competitive Advantage (January 2021)What CFOs Can Deduce About President-Elect Biden’s Tax Policy (December 2020)Taking Stock: How to Assess SPACs and Other IPO Options in a Post-Pandemic Market (November 2020)What’s on Your Transformation Risk Checklist? Part II (November 2020)What Is on Your Transformation Risk Checklist? Part I (October 2020)Emotional Fortitude: What CFOs Can Learn From “Undisruptable” CEOs (October 2020)Why CFOs Should Have Artificial Intelligence on Their Minds (September 2020)What’s Keeping CFOs Up at Night in 2020? (September 2020)Finding CFO: How Executive Search Has Evolved During the Pandemic (August 2020)Reinventing FP&A for the Pandemic and Beyond (August 2020)Compensation Reconsidered: Making a Human-Centered Approach Pay Off (July 2020)Space Exploration: CFO Considerations for Strategically Evaluating Real Estate (July 2020)In the Coming Economy, M&A Strategies Emerging as a Big Deal (June 2020)Moving Target: What It Takes for Annual Planning to Hit the Mark (June 2020)Remote Control: How Finance Works, Not Where, Matters Most Now (May 2020)Closing Time: Preparing for the Next Virtual Financial Close (May 2020)Capital Allocation: Creating a Risk-Resilient Cash Plan Amid COVID-19 (April 2020)COVID-19 Checklist: Practical Steps for the Immediate, Midterm, and Long-Term, Part II (April 2020)Investor Relations: Adapting to the COVID-19 Next Normal (April 2020)COVID-19 Checklist: Practical Steps for the Immediate, Midterm, and Long-Term (April 2020)Managing Through COVID-19: Six Imperatives for CFOs (April 2020)How CFOs Can Help Companies Weather Climate Change (March 2020)Crafting Your Transformation Ambition (March 2020)Are Your Ethics Aligned With Your Digitization Plans? (February 2020)For CFOs, A Prescription for Facing the Future of Health (February 2020)What Changes in a Transformation — And Why It Matters to CFOs (January 2020)Tax Transformation: Remodeling Tax Departments for the Future (December 2019)Investor Relations: What CFOs Need to Know Before an IPO (October 2019)23 & You: How Many Traits of Digital DNA Does Your Company Have? (October 2019)The Technology Fallacy — Embracing the Human Face of Digital Transformation (October 2019)Unlocking Creativity — How CFOs Can Help Cultivate a Creative Mindset (September 2019)Internal Mobility: Finding the Hidden Gems in Your Workforce (August 2019)Board Bios: Positioning Yourself for the Director Seat You Want (July 2019)Balancing Act: Managing Stakeholder Groups in Capital-Allocation Decisions (July 2019)Revolutionizing Reporting in the Digital Age (June 2019)Strategic Planning: Why You Should Zoom Out and Zoom In (May 2019) Economic Cycles: What Should CFOs Prepare for Now? (May 2019)Finance 2025. Are you ready? (April 2019)Solving the Succession Paradox (March 2019)Unleashing Blockchain in Finance (March 2019)Leaving a Legacy — For Your Company, Your Team, and Yourself (February 2019)Bridging the Gap Between the Finance Team You Have — And the One You Need (January 2019)The Detonate Imperative: Why You Should Blow Up Your Best Practices (December 2018)What's Keeping CFOs Up at Night in 2018? (November 2018)Extended Enterprise Risk: Managing Exposure Beyond the Organization (October 2018)Chapter II: Preparing for Life After Being CFO (October 2018)Capital Projects: Managing the Risk of Natural Disasters (September 2018)Cloud Computing: Resolving Some Sticky Questions (August 2018)Journey to CFO: Lessons for the Next Generation (July 2018)Lease Accounting: Six Questions CFOs Should Ask Now (July 2018)Rethinking Rewards — How Personalized Programs Can Attract and Retain Talent (June 2018) What CFOs Want From Chief Tax Officers (May 2018)Cognitive Technologies: Why CFOs Should Peer Past the Myths (April 2018)Capital Allocation: Seeing the Value in a Value Architecture (April 2018)Fostering Friction to Accelerate Performance (March 2018)How Digital Tools Are Helping Unlock M&A Value (January 2018)The Millennial Mix: What Leaders Should Know (December 2017)Accelerating Performance One Workgroup at a Time (December 2017)Journey to CFO: What’s Changed for Women in 2017? (November 2017)What Projects Will You — or Should You — Sponsor? (October 2017)Data Visualization: Why a Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Clicks (October 2017)Special Teams: A New Way to Deploy FP&A (September 2017)Revenue Recognition: Pain Points Beyond the Accounting (August 2017)What’s the Right Price? The Equation Isn’t So Simple (July 2017)Future Smart: Why Robotics Changes Everything (July 2017)Stacking the Deck: How to Increase Your Odds of an Effective Crisis Response (June 2017)The Internet of Things: Moving From Cost Savings to Revenue Generation (May 2017)Looking to Improve Earnings Calls? Start With Better Information (April 2017)Digital Finance: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Moving to the Cloud (April 2017)People Analytics Comes of (Digital) Age (March 2017)Unleashing the Potential — and Power — of FP&A (February 2017)Analytics: Five Skills That Can Help Finance Soar (January 2017)Execution Risk: Stepping Over 12 Common Hurdles (January 2017)Stressed Out? How Business Chemistry Can Help You and Your Team (December 2016)Performance Management: Does Your Process Serve Your Strategy? (December 2016)Culture Shift: Changing Beliefs, Behaviors, and Outcomes (November 2016)Finding CFO: What Does the Market Demand? (October 2016) Strategy Execution: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (October 2016) What's Keeping CFOs Awake in 2016? (September 2016)Decision Rights — Who Owns What After a Business Model Change? (August 2016)Seven Hidden Costs of a Cyberattack (July 2016)What’s Your Story? (July 2016)Getting Smart About Smart Contracts (June 2016)Creating a Continuous Learning Environment (June 2016)Three Ways to Strengthen the CFO-CIO Partnership (May 2016)How to Uncover Hidden FX Risks (April 2016)Shedding Pension Risk (April 2016)What it Takes to Be an Advantaged Acquirer (March 2016)The Dangers of Being Too Decisive (February 2016)Facing (and Embracing) Strategic Risks (January 2016)