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Return Trip: How Companies Are Rethinking Travel for the Long Term (August 2021)Zero Trust: In the Face of Escalating Cyber-Attacks, Companies Target a New Level of Security (August 2021)Is Rising Corporate Debt a Problem? Not Necessarily (August 2021)For CFOs, Putting Well-Being to Work Can Offer Healthy Returns (July 2021)Hiring on All Cylinders: What Companies Want From a Post-Pandemic CFO (July 2021)Intelligence Gathering — Bringing AI Technology Into Strategic Planning (June 2021)The Agile Advantage Moving Transformations From Unknowns to Outcomes (May 2021)Group Dynamics How Can You Fix a Dysfunctional Team? (May 2021)Making Change: Should Bitcoin Be on Your Balance Sheet? (April 2021)Charting a New Course for Controllers in the Post-Pandemic World (April 2021)From Controlling to Coaching: How Will You Lead in an Age of Turbulence? (April 2021)Supply Chain Risks: How to Identify and Mitigate Your Weakest Links (March 2021)From Endless Winter to New Dawn: What Might a Post-COVID-19 Economy Look Like? (February 2021)Believe It: Why Trust May Be the New Driver of Enterprise Value (February 2021)Digital RMB: Assessing the Benefits — and Challenges — of China’s New Currency (January 2021)Mastering Data for Better Insights — And Competitive Advantage (January 2021)What CFOs Can Deduce About President-Elect Biden’s Tax Policy (December 2020)Taking Stock: How to Assess SPACs and Other IPO Options in a Post-Pandemic Market (November 2020)What’s on Your Transformation Risk Checklist? Part II (November 2020)What Is on Your Transformation Risk Checklist? Part I (October 2020)Emotional Fortitude: What CFOs Can Learn From “Undisruptable” CEOs (October 2020)Why CFOs Should Have Artificial Intelligence on Their Minds (September 2020)What’s Keeping CFOs Up at Night in 2020? (September 2020)Finding CFO: How Executive Search Has Evolved During the Pandemic (August 2020)Reinventing FP&A for the Pandemic and Beyond (August 2020)Compensation Reconsidered: Making a Human-Centered Approach Pay Off (July 2020)Space Exploration: CFO Considerations for Strategically Evaluating Real Estate (July 2020)In the Coming Economy, M&A Strategies Emerging as a Big Deal (June 2020)Moving Target: What It Takes for Annual Planning to Hit the Mark (June 2020)Remote Control: How Finance Works, Not Where, Matters Most Now (May 2020)Closing Time: Preparing for the Next Virtual Financial Close (May 2020)Capital Allocation: Creating a Risk-Resilient Cash Plan Amid COVID-19 (April 2020)COVID-19 Checklist: Practical Steps for the Immediate, Midterm, and Long-Term, Part II (April 2020)Investor Relations: Adapting to the COVID-19 Next Normal (April 2020)COVID-19 Checklist: Practical Steps for the Immediate, Midterm, and Long-Term (April 2020)Managing Through COVID-19: Six Imperatives for CFOs (April 2020)How CFOs Can Help Companies Weather Climate Change (March 2020)Crafting Your Transformation Ambition (March 2020)Are Your Ethics Aligned With Your Digitization Plans? (February 2020)For CFOs, A Prescription for Facing the Future of Health (February 2020)What Changes in a Transformation — And Why It Matters to CFOs (January 2020)Tax Transformation: Remodeling Tax Departments for the Future (December 2019)Investor Relations: What CFOs Need to Know Before an IPO (October 2019)23 & You: How Many Traits of Digital DNA Does Your Company Have? (October 2019)The Technology Fallacy — Embracing the Human Face of Digital Transformation (October 2019)Unlocking Creativity — How CFOs Can Help Cultivate a Creative Mindset (September 2019)Internal Mobility: Finding the Hidden Gems in Your Workforce (August 2019)Board Bios: Positioning Yourself for the Director Seat You Want (July 2019)Balancing Act: Managing Stakeholder Groups in Capital-Allocation Decisions (July 2019)Revolutionizing Reporting in the Digital Age (June 2019)Strategic Planning: Why You Should Zoom Out and Zoom In (May 2019) Economic Cycles: What Should CFOs Prepare for Now? (May 2019)Finance 2025. Are you ready? (April 2019)Solving the Succession Paradox (March 2019)Unleashing Blockchain in Finance (March 2019)Leaving a Legacy — For Your Company, Your Team, and Yourself (February 2019)Bridging the Gap Between the Finance Team You Have — And the One You Need (January 2019)The Detonate Imperative: Why You Should Blow Up Your Best Practices (December 2018)What's Keeping CFOs Up at Night in 2018? (November 2018)Extended Enterprise Risk: Managing Exposure Beyond the Organization (October 2018)Chapter II: Preparing for Life After Being CFO (October 2018)Capital Projects: Managing the Risk of Natural Disasters (September 2018)Cloud Computing: Resolving Some Sticky Questions (August 2018)Journey to CFO: Lessons for the Next Generation (July 2018)Lease Accounting: Six Questions CFOs Should Ask Now (July 2018)Rethinking Rewards — How Personalized Programs Can Attract and Retain Talent (June 2018) What CFOs Want From Chief Tax Officers (May 2018)Cognitive Technologies: Why CFOs Should Peer Past the Myths (April 2018)Capital Allocation: Seeing the Value in a Value Architecture (April 2018)Fostering Friction to Accelerate Performance (March 2018)How Digital Tools Are Helping Unlock M&A Value (January 2018)The Millennial Mix: What Leaders Should Know (December 2017)Accelerating Performance One Workgroup at a Time (December 2017)Journey to CFO: What’s Changed for Women in 2017? (November 2017)What Projects Will You — or Should You — Sponsor? (October 2017)Data Visualization: Why a Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Clicks (October 2017)Special Teams: A New Way to Deploy FP&A (September 2017)Revenue Recognition: Pain Points Beyond the Accounting (August 2017)What’s the Right Price? The Equation Isn’t So Simple (July 2017)Future Smart: Why Robotics Changes Everything (July 2017)Stacking the Deck: How to Increase Your Odds of an Effective Crisis Response (June 2017)The Internet of Things: Moving From Cost Savings to Revenue Generation (May 2017)Looking to Improve Earnings Calls? Start With Better Information (April 2017)Digital Finance: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Moving to the Cloud (April 2017)People Analytics Comes of (Digital) Age (March 2017)Unleashing the Potential — and Power — of FP&A (February 2017)Analytics: Five Skills That Can Help Finance Soar (January 2017)Execution Risk: Stepping Over 12 Common Hurdles (January 2017)