Accounting Research Tool

Search Tips

Helpful tips to optimize your searches

Follow the suggestions below to achieve the best possible search results:
Tip #1
Use lowercasing to avoid problem with special characters.
Tip #2
DART's default search is an OR search (e.g., investment hedge will return all results that contain investment, hedge, or both). See Tip #5 below for additional tips on using Boolean operators to refine your search.
Tip #3
Use the root word (e.g., manufacture rather than manufactured or manufacturing) for broader search results. (DART automatically uses stemming to find variations of the root word.)
Tip #4
DART's default search capabilities include a predefined set synonyms (e.g., nfp would return the same search results as not-for-profit).
If DART does not provide the search result you would expect for a commonly used synonym pair, send us an e-mail to to propose its addition to our synonym list.
Tip #5
Use Boolean operators to limit or refine your search results, examples include:
Search Term
Illustrative Results
investment AND hedge
Returns all hits that contain both investment and hedge irrespective of proximity, order, etc.
  • Net investment hedge
  • Achieving hedge accounting for a net investment in a foreign subsidiary
  • Hedge funds and other private investment pools
investment OR hedge
Returns all hits that contain investment or hedge or both terms
  • Hedge accounting
  • External investment pool
  • Net investment hedge
investment NOT hedge
Returns hits where the term investment is present but the term hedge is not
  • Investment contracts
  • External investment pools
  • Registered investment companies
Multiple character wildcard. Returns hits with any combination of characters following invest
  • Invest
  • Investor
  • Investment
" "
"net investment"
Returns hits containing the exact phrase net investment
  • Net investment hedges
  • "Smaller" initial net investment
  • Net investment in capital assets