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Statements of SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and Chief Accountant Conrad Hewitt Regarding PCAOB's Proposed Section 404 Auditing Standard — December 19, 2006Section 404: Proposed Management Guidance (Roel C. Campos, Commissioner — December 13, 2006)SEC Votes to Propose Interpretive Guidance for Management to Improve Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Implementation — December 13, 2006SEC Votes to Repropose Rules Allowing Foreign Private Issuer Deregistration Under the Exchange Act — December 13, 2006SEC Votes to Adopt E-Proxy Rule Amendments and Propose Mandatory Model — December 13, 20062006 AICPA National Conference on Current SEC/PCAOB DevelopmentsThe Promise of Interactive Data (Christopher Cox, Chairman — December 5, 2006)Scott Taub, Deputy Chief Accountant, to Leave SEC — November 29, 2006John McCarthy, Associate Director of OCIE, to Leave Commission — November 17, 2006SEC Enhances Online Search Capabilities for Investors — November 14, 2006Options Backdating: The Enforcement Perspective (Linda Chatman Thomsen, Director, Division of Enforcement — October 30, 2006)Executive Compensation Disclosure and the Important Role of CFO's (John W. White, Director, Division of Corporation Finance — October 3, 2006)SOX 404 — Moving Forward (John W. White, Director, Division of Corporation Finance — September 12, 2006)SEC Votes to Adopt Changes to Disclosure Requirements Concerning Executive Compensation and Related Matters — July 26, 2006Chairman Christopher Cox Names Conrad Hewitt to Be the Commission's Next Chief Accountant — July 24, 2006SEC Moves Forward on Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Improvements — July 11, 2006Federal Reserve Governor Mark W. Olson Named to Chair Public Company Accounting Oversight Board — June 19, 2006SEC Announces That Over a Million Corporate and Mutual Fund Reports Are Now Fully Searchable via Web — June 12, 2006The Interactive Data Revolution: Improved Disclosure for Investors, Less Expensive Reporting for Companies (Christopher Cox, Chairman — May 30, 2006)"Section 404: The Need for Input" Remarks Before the SEC Institute 21st Annual Mid-Year SEC Reporting Forum (John W. White, Director, Division of Corporation Finance — May 25, 2006)SEC Announces Next Steps for Sarbanes-Oxley Implementation — May 17, 2006"Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting — Putting Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 in Perspective" (Cynthia A. Glassman, Commissioner — May 8, 2006)"Regulation, Compliance and Responsibility" Keynote Address at Structured Products Americas (Mary Ann Gadziala, Associate Director, Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations — May 4, 2006)Remarks Before the Tenth Annual Corporate Counsel Institute Priorities and Concerns at the SEC (Cynthia A. Glassman, Commissioner — March 9, 2006)Commission Announces Roundtable Series on Giving Investors and Analysts Better Financial Data via Internet — March 9, 2006Commission and PCAOB Announce Roundtable on Internal Control Reporting Requirements — February 16, 2006