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Deloitte’s Roadmap: Noncontrolling Interests

Noncontrolling Interests

This Roadmap provides Deloitte’s insights into and interpretations of the guidance on noncontrolling interests, primarily that in ASC 810-10 and ASC 480-10-S99.

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This Roadmap provides Deloitte’s insights into and interpretations of the accounting guidance on noncontrolling interests.
Although the accounting principles related to noncontrolling interests have been in place for many years, they can be difficult to apply. The relatively brief guidance on nonredeemable noncontrolling interests (ASC 810-10) has resulted in diversity in practice, while the guidance on redeemable noncontrolling interests (ASC 480-10-S99-1 and ASC 480-10-S99-3A) is highly prescriptive and contains multiple policy elections. For these reasons, accounting for noncontrolling interests is a particularly challenging aspect of U.S. GAAP.
This Roadmap is written on the assumption that (1) a parent has already established that consolidation of its subsidiary is appropriate under ASC 810-10 and (2) the equity interests of a subsidiary qualify for equity classification under ASC 480. Consequently, this Roadmap should be viewed as a companion publication to Deloitte’s Roadmap Consolidation — Identifying a Controlling Financial Interest. While classification of equity interests is outside the scope of this publication, readers may refer to Deloitte’s Roadmap Distinguishing Liabilities From Equity for extensive guidance on such matters.
The 2022 edition includes On the Radar, a section that briefly summarizes key issues related to the accounting and financial reporting topics addressed in the Roadmap. On the Radar is also available as a stand-alone publication.