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ASC 815 Derivatives and Hedging

ASC 815 Derivatives and Hedging

This Topic provides comprehensive guidance on derivative and hedging transactions.

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ASC 815 sets forth the definition of a derivative instrument and specifies how to account for such instruments, including derivatives embedded in hybrid instruments. In addition, ASC 815 establishes when reporting entities, in certain limited, well-defined circumstances, may apply hedge accounting to a relationship involving a designated hedging instrument and hedged exposure. Hedge accounting provides an alternative, special way of accounting for such relationships. ASC 815 also provides guidance on how reporting entities determine whether an instrument is (1) indexed to the reporting entity’s own stock and (2) considered to be settled in the reporting entity’s own stock. Such a determination will dictate whether an instrument should be accounted for as debt or equity and the appropriate accounting for the instrument. Finally, ASC 815 addresses the accounting for non-exchange-traded weather derivatives. The Codification also provides certain industry-specific derivatives and hedging guidance, but such guidance is included in the industry sections of the Codification.