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ASC 825 Financial Instruments

ASC 825 Financial Instruments

This Topic comprises two Subtopics (Overall and Registration Payment Arrangements).

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ASC 825 comprises two Subtopics, below is an overview of each Subtopic.

825-10 Overall

ASC 825-10 notes that it provides “provide guidance on credit losses on financial instruments with off-balance-sheet credit risk and certain disclosures about financial instruments.” Guidance is also included on the fair value option, including:
  1. Circumstances in which entities may choose, at specified election dates, to measure eligible items at fair value (the fair value option)
  2. Presentation and disclosure requirements designed to facilitate comparisons between entities that choose different measurement attributes for similar types of assets and liabilities.

825-20 Registration Payment Arrangements

ASC 825-20 notes the following:
An entity may issue financial instruments (for example, equity shares, warrants, or debt instruments) that are subject to a registration payment arrangement. This Subtopic provides guidance related to such arrangements.