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ASC 910 Contractors—Construction

ASC 910 Contractors — Construction

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ASC 910-10 notes the following:
The Contractors — Construction Topic provides incremental industry-specific guidance on the application of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in accounting for the performance of contracts for which specifications are provided by the customer for the construction of facilities or the production of goods or for the provision of related services.
In addition, ASC 910-20 provides guidance on the accounting for contract costs by construction contractors.
ASC 910 contains intersecting Subtopics that provide industry-specific guidance related to the following Codification Topics:
235 — Notes to Financial Statements
310 — Receivables
330 — Inventory
340 — Other Assets and Deferred Costs
360 — Property, Plant, and Equipment
405 — Liabilities
605 — Revenue Recognition
810 — Consolidation