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Simplifying Private-Company Accounting for Intangible Assets in a Business CombinationHighlights of the 2014 AICPA Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB DevelopmentsA Summary of the November 20–21 Meeting of the PCAOB’s Standing Advisory GroupSEC Staff Suggests Ingredients for Effective DisclosuresSimplifying the Presentation of Debt Issuance CostsFASB Considers Final Amendments to Its Consolidation ModelChallenges and Leading Practices Related to Implementing COSO’s Internal Control — Integrated FrameworkFASB Issues ASU on Going ConcernThe Road to Effective DisclosuresIASB Completes Its Project on Accounting for Financial Instruments Under IFRS 9Navigating Next Steps After the Year 1 Form SD and Conflict Minerals Reporting CycleA Summary of the June 24–25 Meeting of the PCAOB’s Standing Advisory GroupAccounting for Real Estate Sales Under the New Revenue StandardPCAOB Adopts New Requirements for Auditing Related Parties, Significant Unusual Transactions, and Other MattersFASB Makes Limited Amendments to Its Repurchase Accounting GuidanceBoards Issue Guidance on Revenue From Contracts With CustomersPCAOB Gathers More Input on Proposed Changes to the Auditor’s ReportMD&A Disclosures About “Cheap Stock” in IPO TransactionsFASB Issues ASU to Amend Discontinued-Operations ReportingTwo Years After the JOBS ActHighlights of the SEC’s Cybersecurity RoundtableBoards Continue to Redeliberate Lease AccountingNavigating Reporting Requirements for Form SD and Conflict Minerals ReportsHighlights of the “SEC Speaks in 2014” ConferenceFASB Proposes Decision Process for Determining Disclosures to Require in Notes to Financial StatementsFASB Tentatively Decides to Narrow Scope of Insurance Contracts ProjectFASB Abandons Converged Approach to Classification and MeasurementFASB Offers Simplified Approaches to Goodwill and Hedge AccountingPCAOB Reproposes Requiring Disclosure of Engagement Partner and Certain Audit Participants