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First Quarter — 2013

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Notice of Meeting of Securities and Exchange Commission Dodd-Frank Investor Advisory Committee — March 29, 2013Remarks Before the ASIC Forum (Elisse Walter, Chairman — March 24, 2013)Inclusion Is a Strength: Corporate America and the SEC Should Reflect America (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — March 21, 2013)Remarks to the 2013 Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference (Norm Champ, Director, Division of Investment Management — March 18, 2013)SEC Issues Guidance Update on Social Media Filings by Investment Companies — March 15, 2013Written Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government, Committee on Appropriations, U.S. House of Representatives (Carl W. Hoecker, Inspector General — March 12, 2013)Remarks to the IA Compliance Best Practices Summit 2013 (Norm Champ, Director, Division of Investment Management — March 11, 2013)Remarks to the IAA Investment Adviser Compliance Conference 2013 (Norm Champ, Director, Division of Investment Management — March 8, 2013)Developing Solutions to Ensure That the Automated Systems of Our Marketplace Are Secure, Robust, and Reliable (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — March 7, 2013)Opening Statement at the SEC Open Meeting (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — March 7, 2013)SEC Proposes Rules to Improve Systems Compliance and Integrity — March 7, 2013Opening Statement at the SEC Open Meeting (Elisse Walter, Chairman — March 7, 2013)Remarks to the Investment Management Institute 2013 (Norm Champ, Director, as Delivered by David W. Grimm, Deputy Director — March 7, 2013)Keynote Speech at the 7th Gulf Cooperation Council Regulators’ Summit (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — February 26, 2013)SEC Issues Risk Alert and Investor Bulletin on Investment Adviser Custody Rule — March 4, 2013Steven Harris and Jay Hanson Reappointed to PCAOB — March 1, 2013SEC to Hold Fixed Income Roundtable — February 27, 2013SEC to Host Credit Ratings Roundtable — February 26, 2013Addressing Market Instability Through Informed and Smart Regulation (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — February 22, 2013)Remarks at "The SEC Speaks in 2013" (Troy A. Paredes, Commissioner — February 22, 2013)Remarks at "The SEC Speaks in 2013" (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — February 22, 2013)Making the Markets Safe for Informed Risk-Taking (Elisse Walter, Chairman — February 22, 2013)SEC Announces 2013 Examination Priorities — February 21, 2013Shareholders Need Robust Disclosure to Exercise Their Voting Rights as Investors and Owners (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — February 20, 2013)Harnessing Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Investors and Markets (Elisse Walter, Chairman — February 19, 2013)Director of International Affairs Ethiopis Tafara to Leave SEC — February 15, 2013Statement at an Open Meeting of the Commission to Consider the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s Proposed 2013 Budget and Accounting Support Fee (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — February 13, 2013)Testimony on "Wall Street Reform: Oversight of Financial Stability and Consumer and Investor Protections" (Elisse B. Walter, Chairman — February 14, 2013)Opening Statement at the SEC Open Meeting (Elisse Walter, Chairman — February 13, 2013)Providing Needed Resources to the PCAOB (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — February 13, 2013)SEC Approves 2013 PCAOB Budget and Accounting Support Fee — February 13, 2013Opening Remarks at Foreign Bribery and Corruption Training Conference (Elisse Walter, Chairman — February 11, 2013)Introductory Remarks at the SEC's Roundtable on Decimalization (James R. Burns, Deputy Director — February 5, 2013)Opening Remarks at Meeting of Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (Elisse Walter, Chairman — February 1, 2013)David P. Bergers Named Acting Deputy Director of Enforcement — January 31, 2013George S. Canellos Named Acting Director of Enforcement — January 31, 2013SEC Announces Panelists for Roundtable on Decimalization — January 31, 2013Remarks Before the Corporate Directors Forum (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — January 29, 2013)SEC Names Carl W. Hoecker as Inspector General — January 29, 2013Q&A Remarks at the Private Equity International Conference (Bruce Karpati, Chief, SEC Enforcement Divisions’s Asset Management Unit — January 23, 2013)SEC to Hold National Compliance Event for Broker-Dealers — January 23, 2013Statement Concerning Publication by IOSCO on January 21, 2013 of the Final Report on "Suitability Requirements With Respect to the Distribution of Complex Financial Products." (Troy A. Paredes and Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioners — January 22, 2013Vincente Martinez Named Chief of SEC’s Office of Market Intelligence — January 22, 2013Opening Remarks at Investor Advisory Committee Meeting (Elisse Walter, Chairman — January 18, 2013)Fulfilling the Commission’s Statutory Responsibility to Respond to IAC’s Recommendations (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — January 18, 2013)Remarks Before the U.S. Chamber Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — January 16, 2013)SEC Names Gregg E. Berman as Associate Director of the Office of Analytics and Research — January 15, 2013David Grim Named Deputy Director of SEC's Division of Investment Management — January 15, 2013Enforcement Director Robert Khuzami to Leave SEC — January 9, 2013SEC Names Geoffrey Aronow as General Counsel — January 7, 2013