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First Quarter — 2014

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All-Encompassing Enforcement: The Robust Use of Civil and Criminal Actions to Police the Markets (Mary Jo White, Chair — March 31, 2014)Keynote Address at the 2014 Angel Capital Association Summit (Keith F. Higgins, Director, Division of Corporation Finance — March 28, 2014)Remarks at the 26th Annual Corporate Law Institute, Tulane University Law School: Federal Preemption of State Corporate Governance (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — March 27, 2014)Opening Statement at SEC Roundtable on Cybersecurity (Mary Jo White, Chair — March 26, 2014)The Commission’s Role in Addressing the Growing Cyber-Threat (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — March 26, 2014)Staff Analysis of Data and Academic Literature Related to Money Market Fund Reform — March 24, 2014Perspectives on Strengthening Enforcement (Mary Jo White, Chair — March 24, 2014)Protecting the Retail Investor (Mary Jo White, Chair — March 21, 2014)Keynote Address at PLI — Thirteenth Annual Institute on Securities Regulation in Europe (Keith F. Higgins, Director, Division of Corporation Finance — March 20, 2014)Keynote Address at the Investment Company Institute 2014 Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference (Craig M. Lewis, Chief Economist and Director, Division of Economic and Risk Analysis — March 18, 2014)SEC and FINRA to Hold Regional Compliance Outreach Programs for Broker-Dealers — March 18, 2014Remarks to the 2014 Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference (Norm Champ, Director, Division of Investment Management — March 17, 2014)Statement at SEC Open Meeting (Mary Jo White, Chair — March 12, 2014)SEC Proposes Rules for Systemically Important and Security-Based Swap Clearing Agencies — March 12, 2014Enhancing the Stability and Safety of Clearing Agencies (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — March 12, 2014)Statement at Open Meeting (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — March 12, 2014)Statement at Open Meeting Regarding Standards for Covered Clearing Agencies (Michael S. Piwowar, Commissioner — March 12, 2014)Statement on the Proposal of Rules Related to Registered Clearing Agencies (Kara M. Stein, Commissioner — March 12, 2014)SEC Launches Enforcement Cooperation Initiative for Municipal Issuers and Underwriters — March 10, 2014Remarks at AIMA Global Policy & Regulatory Forum (Michael S. Piwowar, Commissioner — March 6, 2014)Remarks Given at the Institute of International Bankers 25th Annual Washington Conference (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — March 3, 2014)Fee Rate Advisory #4 for Fiscal Year 2014 — February 28, 2014Statement on the Re-Opening of the Comment Period for Asset-Backed Securities Disclosure and Registration (Michael S. Piwowar, Commissioner — February 25, 2014)Slide Presentation: Regarding Audit Committees at SEC Speaks 2014 (Paul Beswick, Chief Accountant Office of the Chief Accountant — February 25, 2014)An Open Letter to the SEC Staff (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — February 21, 2014) Chairman’s Address at SEC Speaks 2014 (Mary Jo White, Chair — February 21, 2014)Remarks at the “SEC Speaks” Conference (Kara M. Stein, Commissioner — February 21, 2014)Addressing Known Risks to Better Protect Investors (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — February 21, 2014) Statement on Court Filing by SEC to Protect Whistleblowers From Retaliation (Sean McKessy, Chief, Office of the Whistleblower — February 20, 2014)Stephen Luparello Named as Director of SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets — February 20, 2014Elizabeth Murphy Named as Associate Director in the Division of Corporation Finance — February 14, 2014SEC to Hold Cybersecurity Roundtable — February 14, 2014SEC Approves 2014 PCAOB Budget and Accounting Support Fee — February 14, 2014 Fee Rate Advisory #3 for Fiscal Year 2014 — February 12, 2014 David Fredrickson Named Chief Counsel in the Division of Corporation Finance — February 12, 2014 Paul A. Leder Named as Director of SEC’s Office of International Affairs — February 12, 2014SEC Names Rick Fleming as Investor Advocate — February 12, 2014SEC Names Michael Maloney as New Chief Accountant in Enforcement Division — February 11, 2014 Remarks Before Trader Forum 2014 Equity Trading Summit (Kara M. Stein, Commissioner — February 6, 2014)Testimony on "Oversight of Financial Stability and Data Security" (Mary Jo White, Chair — February 6, 2014) Statement at an Open Meeting of the Commission to Consider the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s Proposed 2014 Budget and Accounting Support Fee (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — February 5, 2014)Statement on the Commission’s Consideration of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s Proposed 2014 Budget and Accounting Support Fee (Kara M. Stein, Commissioner — February 5, 2014)Protecting Investors Requires a Strong PCAOB (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — February 5, 2014)Testimony on "The Impact of the Volcker Rule on Job Creators, Part II" (Mary Jo White, Chair — February 5, 2014) Protecting the Financial Future of Seniors and Retirees (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — February 4, 2014)SEC Publishes Draft Strategic Plan for Public Comment — February 3, 2014SEC Issues Risk Alert on Investment Advisers’ Due Diligence Processes for Selecting Alternative Investments — January 28, 2014Barbara Lorenzen Named to Senior Position in National Exam Program — January 28, 2014The SEC in 2014 (Mary Jo White, Chair — January 27, 2014)Advancing and Defending the SEC’s Core Mission (Michael S. Piwowar, Commissioner — January 27, 2014)A Renewed Perspective on SEC Priorities (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — January 24, 2014)Making a Difference Through Public Service (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — January 15, 2014)The Philosophies of Capital Requirements (Daniel M. Gallagher, Commissioner — January 15, 2014)Agencies Approve Interim Final Rule Authorizing Retention of Interests In and Sponsorship Of Collateralized Debt Obligations Backed Primarily by Bank-Issued Trust Preferred Securities — January 14, 2014Dissenting Statement Regarding Adoption of Interim Final Rule Regarding Certain CDOs Backed by TruPS as a "Companion Rule" to the Volcker Rule (Michael S. Piwowar, Commissioner — January 14, 2014)SEC Announces New Date for Compliance With Final Municipal Advisor Registration Rules — January 13, 2014Myron Marlin, Director of Communications, to Leave SEC — January 10, 2014Interpretive Guidance on Municipal Advisor Registration Rules — January 10, 2014National Exam Program: Examination Priorities for 2014 — January 9, 2014SEC Announces 2014 Examination Priorities — January 9, 2014Statement on the Commission’s Issuance of Certain Exemptive Orders Related to Rule 17g-5(c)(1) (Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner — January 8, 2014)SEC Names Michael Osnato as Chief of Enforcement Division’s Complex Financial Instruments Unit — January 6, 2014Enforcement Co-Director George Canellos to Leave SEC — January 3, 2014