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IFRS for SMEs Fact Sheet Has Been Updated — December 21, 2016Taxonomy Doesn’t Have to Be Taxing (Stephen Cooper, Board Member — December 19, 2016)IFRS Foundation Publishes Proposed IFRS Taxonomy Update to the IFRS Taxonomy 2016 for Common Practice — December 15, 20162017 IFRS Standards (Blue Book) — Now Available Online — December 14, 2016Performance Reporting and Stability (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — December 12, 2016)The Pension Liability: Low Interest Rates Are No Free Lunch (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — December 8, 2016)International Accounting Standards Board Issues Minor Changes to IFRS Standards — December 8, 2016IFRS Taxonomy 2016 Updated for Applying IFRS 9 Financial Instruments With IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts — December 8, 2016Safety in Numbers (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — December 6, 2016)Joanna Perry Reappointed as Chair of the IFRS Advisory Council — December 1, 2016Trustees’ Review of Structure and Effectiveness: Amendments to the IFRS Foundation Constitution — November 30, 2016IFRS Foundation Trustees Tweak Constitution — November 30, 2016Françoise Flores Appointed to the International Accounting Standards Board — November 29, 2016IFRS Foundation Requests Proposals for Conducting Reputation Research — November 22, 2016Revised Agenda for the November IASB Meeting — November 14, 2016New Members Appointed to the IFRS Advisory Council — November 4, 2016International Accounting Standards Board Reveals Its ‘To-Do List’ for the Next Five Years — November 2, 2016International Accounting Standards Board Member Vacancies — October 26, 2016New Content and Improved User Navigation for the IFRS Taxonomy Illustrated in HTML — October 20, 2016Sue Lloyd Appointed as Vice-Chair of the International Accounting Standards Board — October 18, 2016The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the IFRS Foundation Sign Updated Statement of Protocols — October 13, 20162016 A Guide Through IFRS Standards (Green Book) — Now Available — September 20, 2016International Accounting Standards Board Issues Amendments to Insurance Contracts Standard — September 12, 2016Capital Markets Advisory Committee — Call for Members — September 5, 2016IFRS Foundation Develops Guide to Common Practice Content — August 25, 2016International Accounting Standards Board Appoints New Chair and Vice-Chair to Islamic Finance Consultative Group — August 25, 2016Latest Developments and Future Focus (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — August 24, 2016)IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board Announces New Board Member — August 19, 2016Joint IASB and FASB Webcast — Implementation Update on Revenue From Contracts With Customers — August 15, 2016Richard Thorpe Joins the IFRS Foundation as Director in Charge of Trustee Activities — July 11, 2016Andrew Buchanan Joins IFRS Interpretations Committee — July 1, 2016Better Communication (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — June 30, 2016)Investor Perspectives: Better Communication — A Table Is Worth 1,000 Words (June 2016)IASB Chairman to Prioritise Communication Effectiveness of Financial Statements During Second Term — June 30, 2016Forthcoming IFRS Publication Alert — Proposed Narrow-Scope Amendments to IFRS 3 and IFRS 11 to Be Issued — June 24, 2016IFRS Foundation Revises Due Process Handbook to Incorporate IFRS Taxonomy — June 23, 2016International Accounting Standards Board Member Vacancy — June 21, 2016International Accounting Standards Board Issues Narrow-scope Amendments to IFRS 2 Share-based Payment — June 20, 2016IFRS Foundation Appoints New Members to the SME Implementation Group — June 15, 2016IFRS Foundation and IOSCO Strengthen Cooperation in the Development and Implementation of IFRS Standards — June 1, 2016IFRS Foundation Announces New Appointments to the IFRS Interpretations Committee — May 23, 2016IFRS Foundation Annual Report 2015 — Focusing on the FutureIASB Confirms Amendments to Current Insurance Contracts Standard — May 17, 2016Maria Helena Santana and Lynn Wood Reappointed as Trustees of the IFRS Foundation — May 12, 2016Performance Reporting and the Pitfalls of Non-GAAP Metrics (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — May 11, 2016)IFRS Foundation Publishes the 2016 Pocket Guide to IFRS Standards — May 10, 2016IASB Staff Webcast: Exemptions — May 3, 2016Taxonomy 2016 Update for Disclosure Initiative (Amendments to IAS 7) — April 28, 2016IFRS Foundation Appoints Matt Tilling as Director of Education — April 28, 2016The International Accounting Standards Board Has Issued Amendments to the Revenue Standard — April 12, 2016The Forthcoming Insurance Contracts Standard — Webinar Series — April 4, 2016Guillermo Babatz Appointed as Trustee of the IFRS Foundation — March 31, 2016The IFRS Foundation Publishes the IFRS Taxonomy 2016 — March 31, 2016Shining the Light on Leases (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman —March 28, 2016)Report of the IFRS Advisory Council Chairman to the Trustees and the International Accounting Standards Board (the Board) on the February 2016 Advisory Council Meeting — March 1, 2016IFRS Standards and Vietnam (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — March 8, 2016)Takatsugu Ochi Reappointed to the IASB; Pat Finnegan to Stand Down in June 2016 — February 23, 2016Joint FAP and IFRS Foundation IFRS Conference in Bangkok — February 18, 2016Hans Hoogervorst Reappointed as IASB Chairman, Ian Mackintosh to Retire as Vice-Chairman at End of First Term — February 12, 2016International Accounting Standards Board Responds to Investors’ Call for Improved Disclosures — January 29, 2016Investor Perspectives: A New Lease of Life — January 2016IFRS Foundation Invites Applications for New Members to the SME Implementation Group — January 28, 2016Expanded Use of IFRS-Compliant Standards in Turkey — January 22, 2016Proposed Taxonomy Update 3 to the IFRS Taxonomy 2015 Published for Public Comment — January 21, 2016IASB Issues Narrow-Scope Amendments to IAS 12 Income Taxes — January 19, 2016IASB Shines Light on Leases by Bringing Them Onto the Balance Sheet — January 13, 2016IASB Aligns Technical Leadership Team to Prioritise Strategic Objectives — January 12, 2016Trustees Confirm Reappointments to Interpretations Committee — January 5, 2016The IFRS Foundation Comments on ESMA’s Consultation Paper on the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) — January 7, 2016Introductory Comments to the European Parliament (Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman — January 11, 2016)IASB Sets Up Procedure for Receiving Implementation Issues on the IFRS for SMEs — January 4, 2016