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ASC 940 Financial Services—Brokers and Dealers

ASC 940 Financial Services — Brokers and Dealers

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ASC 940-10 and ASC 940-20 discuss certain activities of brokers and dealers in securities (broker-dealers). The subsections of ASC 940-20 provide guidance on matters such as commissions, soft-dollar arrangements, mutual fund distribution fees, agency transactions, and broker-dealer financial presentation, as well as guidance for a broker-dealer's clearing operations and underwriting activities.
ASC 940 also contains intersecting Subtopics that contain industry-specific guidance related to the following Codification Topics:
310 — Receivables
320 — Investments — Debt and Equity Securities
325 — Investments — Other
340 — Other Assets and Deferred Costs
405 — Liabilities
605 — Revenue Recognition
810 — Consolidation
820 — Fair Value Measurement