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19-1, Assessing the Collectibility of Operating Lease Receivables (July 1, 2019)

Financial Reporting Alert 19-1
July 1, 2019
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Assessing the Collectibility of Operating Lease Receivables

While adopting ASC 842,1 lessors have raised questions about the appropriate accounting for operating lease receivables recognized by a lessor that are or are expected to become impaired since they are excluded from the scope of the new impairment guidance in ASC 326.2 On the basis of a technical inquiry with the FASB staff, we understand the following:
  • The application of the guidance in ASC 842-30 requiring an assessment of the probability of an individual customer’s (tenant’s) future payment is mandatory.
  • A lessor may elect to supplement the ASC 842-30 guidance with the use of a general or portfolio reserve approach (aligned with the legacy application of ASC 450-20).
  • If a lessor elects to record a general reserve, the income statement impact may be recorded as a reduction to lease income or as bad-debt expense.
  • Given the expected diversity in practice, consistent application and transparent disclosure of the policy elected are critical.