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SEC Seeks Input on Quarterly Reports and Earnings Releases (December 21, 2018)Highlights of the 2018 AICPA Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Developments (December 16, 2018)FASB Decks Lessors’ Halls With “Lesser” Requirements (December 14, 2018)FASB Finalizes Targeted Amendments to the Related-Party Guidance for Variable Interest Entities (November 19, 2018)FASB Amends Guidance on Collaborative Arrangements (November 13, 2018)Cyber Threat Considerations Related to Implementation of Internal Accounting Controls (October 30, 2018)At "Lease" There Are Answers to Transition Questions (October 17, 2018)SEC Comments Reflect Registrants' Efforts to Implement ASC 606 (September 26, 2018)FASB Amends Guidance on Cloud Computing Arrangements (September 11, 2018)FASB Issues Standard to Amend Required Fair Value Measurement Disclosures (August 31, 2018)FASB Amends Guidance on Disclosures Related to Defined Benefit Plans (August 29, 2018)SEC Issues Final Rule That Updates and Simplifies Its Disclosure Requirements (August 28, 2018)FASB Re-Leases Targeted Improvements to ASC 842 (August 7, 2018)SEC Proposes Disclosure Simplification and Relief Related to Guarantors and Collateralizations of Securities (July 31, 2018)ASC 606 Is Here — How Do Your Revenue Disclosures Stack Up? (July 11, 2018)SEC Requires the Use of Inline XBRL in Certain Filings (July 3, 2018)SEC Expands Eligibility for “Smaller Reporting Company” Classification (July 2, 2018)FASB Simplifies the Accounting for Share-Based Payment Arrangements With Nonemployees (June 21, 2018)FASB Proposes Guidance on Collaborative Arrangements (April 30, 2018)What Private Companies Should Know About the New Revenue Recognition Standard (April 11, 2018)FASB Issues Proposed ASU on Cloud Computing Arrangements (March 2, 2018)In the Spirit of Full Cybersecurity Disclosure (February 23, 2018)Observations From a Review of Public Filings by Early Adopters of the New Revenue Standard (January 22, 2018)