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Highlights of the 2017 AICPA Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Developments (December 10, 2017)FASB Tentatively Decides to Relieve Entities From Implementing Certain Aspects of the New Leasing Standard (December 5, 2017)The New Revenue Standard — Are We There Yet? (November 21, 2017)SEC Issues New and Revised Guidance to Clarify Its CEO Pay Ratio Rule (October 17, 2017)SEC Issues Proposed Rule to Modernize and Simplify Certain Regulation S-K Requirements (October 16, 2017)FASB Proposes to Reorganize Its Consolidation Guidance (October 5, 2017)FASB Proposes Amendments to New Leasing Standard (October 3, 2017)The New Revenue Standard — Are You Still Assessing the Impact? (September 5, 2017)FASB Issues Standard Bringing Targeted Improvements to Hedge Accounting (August 30, 2017)FASB Makes Targeted Changes to Guidance on Accounting for Certain Financial Instruments With Down-Round Features (July 21, 2017)Crisis Averted (July 20, 2017)FASB Proposes Targeted Amendments to the Related-Party Guidance for Variable Interest Entities (July 14, 2017)XBRL Requirements for Companies Reporting Under IFRSs (July 12, 2017)SEC Makes Nonpublic Review Process for Draft IPOs and Initial Registration Statements Available to All Companies (July 11, 2017)PCAOB Adopts Changes to the Auditor's Report (June 20, 2017)Implementing the New Revenue Standard — How Do Your Disclosures Stack Up? (June 5, 2017)FASB Amends the Scope of Modification Accounting for Share-Based Payment Arrangements (May 11, 2017)Internal Control Considerations Related to Adoption of the New Revenue Recognition Standard (May 9, 2017)Frequently Asked Questions About the FASB’s New Leases Standard (April 25, 2017)Adopting the New Revenue Standard — Where Do Companies Stand? (April 4, 2017)FASB Amends the Amortization Period for Certain Callable Debt Securities Purchased at a Premium (April 4, 2017)FASB Amends Guidance on Presentation of Net Periodic Benefit Cost Related to Defined Benefit Plans (March 14, 2017)FASB Proposes Improvements to the Accounting for Share-Based Payment Arrangements With Nonemployees (March 10, 2017)FASB Amends Guidance on Derecognition and Partial Sales of Nonfinancial Assets (February 28, 2017)Forecasting Revenue Disclosures — Storm Brewing? (February 22, 2017)FASB Eliminates Step 2 From the Goodwill Impairment Test (February 1, 2017)FASB Amends the Consolidation Guidance for Not-for-Profit Entities (January 30, 2017)FASB Clarifies the Definition of a Business (January 13, 2017)FASB Proposes Changes to Simplify the Balance Sheet Classification of Debt (January 12, 2017)FASB Proposes Updates to Inventory Disclosures (January 12, 2017)