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Keep It Simple: FASB Issues ASU on Income Taxes (December 19, 2019)Highlights of the 2019 AICPA Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Developments (December 15, 2019)FASB Improves Guidance on Credit Losses (December 2, 2019)FASB Proposes Improvements to Hedge Accounting Guidance (November 26, 2019)FASB Changes Some Effective Dates for Certain New Accounting Standards (November 19, 2019)FASB Clarifies the Accounting for Share-Based Payments Issued as Sales Incentives to Customers (November 13, 2019)#DeloitteESGnow — Sustainability Disclosure Goes Mainstream (September 24, 2019)FASB Reexposes Proposed ASU on Simplification of the Balance Sheet Classification of Debt (September 19, 2019)Critical Audit Matters Make Their Debut! (August 30, 2019)SEC Proposes Modernizing Certain Regulation S-K Disclosure Requirements (August 20, 2019)FASB Proposes Simplifications to the Issuer’s Accounting for Convertible Instruments and Contracts on an Entity’s Own Equity (August 8, 2019)SEC Staff Issues Statement on LIBOR Transition (August 6, 2019)FASB Tentatively Changes Effective Dates for New Accounting Standards (July 18, 2019)Reasonably Certain of Your Lease Disclosures? Observations on First-Quarter Filings (July 1, 2019)No Free Passes: How the New Current Expected Credit Loss Standard Affects Nonbanks (July 1, 2019)FASB Issues Proposal to Improve Credit Losses Standard (June 28, 2019)FASB Extends Certain Private-Company Accounting Alternatives to Not-for-Profit Entities (June 12, 2019)FASB Proposes Simplifications to Accounting for Income Taxes (May 29, 2019)FASB Issues Targeted Transition Relief for Entities Adopting ASU 2016-13 (May 15, 2019)SEC Proposes to Ease Qualifications for Nonaccelerated Filer Status (May 14, 2019)SEC Proposes Improvements to Disclosures for Business Acquisitions and Dispositions (May 9, 2019)FASB Issues Narrow Financial Instrument Accounting Updates (May 7, 2019)FASB Proposes Changes to Income Tax Disclosure Requirements (March 29, 2019)The New Revenue Standard — A Look at SEC Feedback in Year 1 (March 28, 2019)SEC Simplifies and Modernizes Certain Regulation S-K Requirements (March 25, 2019)FASB Issues Proposed ASU to Address the Accounting for Share-Based Payments Issued as Sales Incentives to Customers (March 5, 2019)FASB Proposes to Ease Transition to the Credit Losses Standard (February 11, 2019)